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"I'm a total believer in Bikram Yoga.

With the help of Robert and all the other great instructors, I'm the healthiest I've been in 16 years! I've lost weight, my pre-diabetes is gone, my high cholesterol is gone and my blood pressure is back to normal. Running and working out in a gym never accomplished this for me. I'm ecstatic!"


Todd Yoshino

"Bikram Yoga has kept me from having back surgery and having to take pain medication."


Ali Richardson

"Bikram Yoga has given me more energy, reduced stress, better sleeping, helped me quit smoking

and lose weight."


Aaron Jamroski

"Bikram Yoga has given me more mental focus, lower cholesterol, and my prostate has shrunk to near normal size!"


Ed Flanigan

"The benefits of Bikram Yoga have been better sleeping, more energy, improved circulation, reduced stress, overall health improved

and more strength."


Pam Parham

"The benefits I've received from Bikram Yoga are reduced stress, improved circulation, more energy, better sleeping, and an amazing attitude adjustment!"


Jan Brown

"Bikram Yoga has made my sleeping better, reduced my stress, improved my overall health and

decreased my anxiety."


Sadie Bingham