About Us


We are a Bikram Yoga Studio, located in beautiful West Seattle.

All of our teachers are Certified Yoga Teachers. We are all passionate about teaching Bikram Yoga, about helping others, and about supporting our students.


Robert Meserve -

Owner / Teacher


Robert started practicing Bikram Yoga in Hawaii, in 1997.

After he had two colds in a row, his late wife took him to his first class. It felt like the hardest thing he'd ever done; it was super challenging and he had to have more! It became an activity that he and Doreen did together and shared and he was hooked!


When he returned to Seattle, in 1998, he kept going to Bikram Yoga classes, went to Bikram Yoga Training in 2000 and started started teaching that year.


In 2010, he and his new partner, Andrea, bought Hot Yoga Nelson, in Nelson, New Zealand.  He introduced Bikram Yoga to a whole new community and also taught Yin, Hot Yoga and Power Vinyasa.


In 2013, Robert and Andrea returned to Seattle, bought the West Seattle Bikram studio and started a new chapter! So here we are, sharing the joy of Bikram Yoga with the community of West Seattle and beyond!





We are here to help support you! And answer any questions you might have.

I look forward to meeting you!


Nally Berg -

Teacher / Yoga Advisor


Nally did her first Bikram Yoga class in 2014. She had no idea what to expect, but made it through, and kept coming back because it made her feel so much better. After her first month practicing, she became our Yoga Advisor.  She jumped right into this role, as she does, and about a year later, started thinking about teacher training. She went to  teacher training in 2017 and started teaching right away. We are so inspired by her enthusiasm for life, for trying new things, and for helping others. She is such a wonderful example of how life changing Bikram Yoga is, and how, you never know where life can take you! But if you put your mind to following what inspires you, you can do anything!



What I'm working on now are ways to inspire you! It may be offering more protein powder flavors to choose from to creating space for you to share your ideas.

Wanna chat?

Let me know!


Andrea Lawrence -

Art Director / Buyer /

Community Coordinator


Robert's partner in life, Andrea Lawrence, is hooked on Bikram Yoga, too. She is also a certified Life Coach, a graphic designer, and a crafter. She is obsessed with finding new colorful ways to inspire people and loves connecting with the community.


If you have workshop ideas - she's the one to talk to! Her philosophy is: This is a small business with a super inspired community. If we ask the right questions, and take time to listen to what matters to our students - they will guide us in the right direction and we'll dive in and get it for them!