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Sound Bath with Serene Sound Sessions

Sunday, March 4th at 7:30 PM


Join us for an hour long experience of relaxation and meditation guided by sound and vibration.

We will slip into an immersive sensory concert performed with Quartz Crystal Bowls.

Pure tones create a symphony of sounds ranging from harmony to dissonance as organic binaural beats

entrain the brain and facilitate a shift in your state of consciousness,

encouraging the production of Theta waves in your brain.


Theta is the state before sleep, it encourages deep relaxation, awakens your creativity, inspiration, and governs the part of our mind that lies between the conscious and the unconscious. It is believed that this mental state allows you to act below the level of the conscious mind.


We have space for you to lie down or remain seated; please bring any mats, pillows or blankets.

Dressing comfortably is encouraged.


Bring an intention into our session - together we will amplify and support these with our sound and presence.


About Aimee:

Aimee Serene has been working in the field of Neurofeedback and Personal Development. Through deep exploration and learning about the power of the mind, Sound Healing entered her life as a profound and grounding tool to facilitate and encourage relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress, and explore deeper state of meditation.


Cost: $25 Pre-Sale / $30 At The Door* These may not be available

Space is limited. Reserve Your Spot Now.





Group 30-Day Challenge

Date To Be Announced


Do 30 Bikram Yoga Classes in 30 Days & Get Your Awesome On!

Receive a Certificate of Completion for yourself, a Certificate of Completion for the Wall-Of-Fame,

a goodie bag, and the benefits of all that yoga! (The best part!)

To do a Challenge, write your name on our Challenge Board (at the studio), attend 30 Bikram Yoga Classes in 30-Days,

and mark your classes off as you go! It's a fantastic way to dive into a yoga immersion and receive so many benefits!

If you're ready for a healthy new you - this is a great way to get started!

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