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To Our BYWS Community,


A lot of change is in the air. Some of you may have been reading updates in the West Seattle Blog regarding the eventual redevelopment of our block with our beloved studio space and have been wondering about our next course of action. Adding to this, on a personal note, Andrea and I have been going through changes of our own and are relocating to Spokane. This move will bring Andrea back to her hometown and closer to her family.


Many of you have expressed deep concern about the possible closing of the studio, which is our concern as well. We have been trying to sell our studio since April, but because this space will be developed in the next several years, we have not been able to find someone to take over, despite dramatically reducing the sale price. We were actually looking at the possibility of closing down this year in late summer. It's been a difficult time not knowing what could happen to our beautiful yoga community, with no clear solution.


However, one of our teachers, Nally Berg, has stepped up to continue running our studio, with the idea to take over and revitalize the business. She started as a brand-new student nearly 4 years ago, and through her love of the practice, became a dedicated yoga student, and then a teacher 1.5 years ago. When she learned that the studio could close down and the of the lack of buyers, Nally let me know of the concern students had about the news. She reached out to let me know she was very interested in keeping the studio going and keeping this community together.


She is willing to assume the responsibility and the risk to continue to operate our studio, but, she cannot do it alone. We need your support, contribution, and enthusiasm to keep our studio going. We are asking for your support to help her maintain and grow the studio. Nally has the passion and the drive, but not the funds. As students and members of BYWS, your contributions will keep this space open until March 2020. Her goal is to keep the studio going beyond that date by engaging with other builders in the area to transition into another space that is central and accessible to the community.


To that end we are setting up a GOFUNDME to help her to raise the funds. I have dramatically reduced the price of the studio, and our goal is to raise the bare minimum of $25K to keep the studio going. This will allow Nally to purchase the business and all the elements to keep the business functioning. It will also allow our beloved community to continue to have a beautiful space, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to practice in.


So here is our bold and big ask! Will you help save this community and keep the studio space open and thriving?! We have set up a GOFUNDME link (above). Thank you so much for your contribution. With your support, I can confidently pass the reins onto Nally, while your investment will help shape and secure the future of our yoga community.


As always, we are grateful for all of your words of love and support. We are truly blessed to be part of such a loving and devoted community and honored to have shared in it for as long as we have. Here's to the next exciting chapter ahead for all of us!




Robert and Andrea